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The Bike Tech and Light Experts

From electric bikes to GPS systems to simple blinky bike lights. Bike Tech Shop has the best products and the expertise you need to make intelligent choices about cycling with circuitry.

We are bike commuters, tourists, racers, and utilitarian cyclists. If we sell it, it's tested tech.

Our aim is to be the Web's authoritative site for anything having to do with tech on bikes.

The premise of Bike Tech Shop is that until now it hasn't been easy for cyclists to find a one-stop place for high-quality bike tech accessories along with the cycling expertise you can't get from other online retailers.

We do our homework to ensure that we can stand by the products we sell, and answer your questions knowledgeably. You can be sure to get the right cycling tech for your needs.

We are plugged in (get it?) to the latest developments in the cycling industry, making bikes more friendly, usable, and safe for every type of rider.

Unlike many bike shops, we've got the warehouse space, logistics, and inclination to offer it all. You aren't limited to the selection bike lights that we can hang on a hook between the patch kits and the grip tape.

Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of cycling -- not just the tech side. If you call us with a question or a scenario, chances are we can relate to it and guide you to the best possible choice.

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