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Price: $1,999.00 $1,699.00

BionX SL 350HT Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Almost any bike can be an electric bike with a BionX Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

The SL 350 HT (Freewheel compatible only) is BionX' top-of-the-line kit. It's more than three pounds lighter than the BionX PL 350HT Electric Bike Conversion Kit, but with the same power, and greater range thanks to a battery with 20% more capacity. The best weight-to-distance ratio of any BionX system.

The battery charger is integrated into the battery, so you can take the lightweight power adapter with you (unlike the battery charger for the PL systems, which is like carrying around a brick).

Efficient with no motor noise.

Kits are available with 20", 26", and 700c wheels, and the option to mount the battery on either the bike frame or on a rear rack. (You can pick which of these kits when you choose your options.)

Please See HAZMAT Return Restrictions Below

Frame-mounted batteries optimize the system weight distribution for better overall balance, while rack-mounted batteries can be mounted to almost any bike.

With a 52-cell battery, expect an average range of about 48 miles if you are pedaling and the bike is assisting you, up to 65 miles if you do more of the work, and about 22 miles if you depend mostly on the battery power.

Your BionX powered bike feels familiar, because it's the same bike you had before, but with a natural boost to your own pedal power. You determine how much of a boost the system will give you.

Regenerative braking and generation modes let you recharge the batteries while you are riding the bike. These mode can help extend the range of a battery charge, or to give you a better cardio workout -- if you're into that sort of thing.

Includes black rim and silver spokes.

Compatible with ISO standard threaded freewheels (not included). If your existing bike has an ISO thread-on freewheel, you can use it with your BionX kit. If your bike has a freehub and cassette, you will need to acquire a thread-on freewheel for your bike.

If you have non-vertical dropouts on your bike, you will need to select the torque blocker with the angle appropriate for your dropouts. Check the Torque Blocker Guide (PDF) to make sure you order the correct axle washers.

Bikes with drop bars may require the alternate BionX Inverse Magnetic Brake Switch to properly engage the brake/regenerative mode.

For a lighter weight economical system, check out the BionX PL 250 Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

Maybe you can handle the extra 3.4-ish pound weight of the BionX PL 350 Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

***HAZMAT Return Restrictions: All Bionx Battery and Kit Shipments must be shipped by HAZMAT certified shippers because of their large Lithium-Ion Batteries. As a HAZMAT shipper, we are unable to issue return labels should you decide you would like to return your Bionx Battery or Kit. To do a return, you'll need to locate a HAZMAT certified shipper. For warranty returns on batteries, we will assist in locating a HAZMAT certified shipper.

  • The same power as the BionX PL 350HT Electric Bike Conversion Kit, but about 3.4 pounds lighter
  • Battery contains a state of charge indicator and a charging circuit (no more bulky charger)
  • 48 volt battery pack is 100 grams lighter with 20% more capacity than standard PL-350 battery
  • Both downtube and rack-mounted batteries offer a DC power output to power accessories
  • Battery ratings: 48V / 8.8Ah / 422Wh / 52 cells
  • If you have non-vertical dropouts, check the Torque Blocker Guide (PDF) to make sure you order the correct axle washers
  • Black Rim with Silver Spokes
  • Rear rack is included with kits with rack mounted battery
  • Uses your bike's existing cassette
  • Proportional assistance adjustable from 35-300%
  • Programmable anti-theft alarm, odometer, battery charge gauge, energy transfer gauge, and an optional throttle
  • Battery life of approximately 800 cycles
  • Throttle lever assistance option included
  • Easily lockable and removable battery pack
  • Regenerative braking (resistance is applied and battery charges during braking)
  • Both rim and disc brake compatible
  • Threaded hub for use with 6-, 7-, 8-, 9- or 10-speed freewheels
  • Motor: G2 350 Watts
  • Torque (normal/max): 9/40 Nm - 6.6/29 lb-ft
  • Battery: 52-cell LiMn / 48 V / 8.8 Ah
  • Range*: 65 miles / 105 km
    *Average based on one battery charge, using assistance mode level 1, according to use in ideal conditions. Distances will vary depending on road conditions, riding surface, cyclist weight and assistance required
  • Weight: 15.2 lb /6.9 kg
    All components, except the battery are covered against manufacturing defect for a period of two (2) years from date of purchasing.

    The battery is covered against manufacturing defect for a period of one (1) year from date of purchasing.

    Warranties are limited to replacement of parts and/or products determined by BionX, at its sole discretion, to be defective.

    BionX Limited Warranty does not cover or apply to the following: normal wear and tear; any damage, failure and/or loss caused by accident, shipping, misuse, neglect, abuse and/or failure to follow instructions or warnings as stated on the product or in the applicable BionX User Guide or other printed materials provided with the product; damage, failure and/or loss caused by the use of the product for stunt riding, ramp jumping, competition, acrobatics, trick riding or other similar activities, or use in any other manner for which such products were not specifically designed.

    This warranty does not apply to any products or components, mechanical and/or electrical, which have in any way been altered from their original configuration by any person. BionX will not be liable and/or responsible for any damage, failure or loss caused by any unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts.

    The BionX Limited Warranty does not cover or apply to any BionX product used for rental or commercial purposes unless the specific product is authorized by BionX as acceptable for rental or commercial use.

    The BionX Limited Warranty does not cover or apply to any BionX product sold by a non-authorized reseller or retailer.

    The BionX Limited Warranty does not cover or apply to any replacement, maintenance or accessory parts not sold directly by BionX to the original retail purchaser.

    North America and Europe have different legislation in regards of bike electric drive systems. Please note that BionX will not be able to service a system bought in a country and delivered, exported or moved to another, if the local legislation differ from the one from the country of origin.

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Price: $1,999.00 $1,699.00

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Product Reviews

27 Aug 2013
Les B says...
Exellent, Love it, There are cheaper systems out there but this system works just like advertiesed. The only thing I don't like is the in-abbility to shut off the 32Kms/20mile max speed restriction. :(
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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